Custom Screen Design

Powerful experiences start with the right screen. We deliver custom screen technologies for any immersive display application.
Cosm Custom Screen Design 1
Cosm Custom Screen Design 2

Unique display design

Cosm provides projection and LED Screens tailored to complex geometries and precise optical characteristics for custom applications and venues.

From domes, to large-scale curved signage, to immersive architectural displays, we design and deliver to exact specifications.

Cosm Custom Screen Design 3

Empowering New Experiences

For decades, we have created signature screens for world-class attractions, museums, and events. We are proud partners of the world’s best and some of its “firsts.”

This has included massive toroidal screens for fully immersive flight rides, “flying theater” configurations large enough to handle dozens of riders at once, and screen geometries as original as the customers we serve.

Cosm Custom Screen Design 4
Cosm Custom Screen Design 5

NanoSeam Makes It Real

Our NanoSeam projection domes and screens are the standard by which all other dome and screen solutions are judged — virtually seamless under projection.